woman with flow chartLaunching into a new year is always exciting as we plan our resolutions and move forward with excitement.  However, only 8% of those that make resolutions actually keep them, ouch!  So how can you as a start-up business owner/entrepreneur plan for 2015 and stick to it or keep focused?  It is really simple create your own RoadMap to success!


A RoadMap directs and guides you as you begin a journey, and it can be modified as the journey launches.  Just like on a vacation you may map out one direction then stumble upon something amazing and make a detour.  The same is for your business, you map out the direction you desire to head then modify it as new ideas or opportunities come in your path.  Be sure however, the opportunities and ideas are in you plan of vision.  Too many times we branch out all over the place because it sounded good in the moment.


Part of the RoadMap creation is to identify your niche or target market, which is your ideal client base.  In 2015 the second step to this part is to micro-niche your target.  Micro-niching is taking it one level deeper, for example, your target market/niche is coaching, and in 2015 you would get deeper and perhaps market to new entrepreneurs or medical professionals.  Coaching is a great one to use for an example to go deeper with, how many Life Coaches are out there now?  They are a dime a dozen, so how do you set your practice apart from the other Life Coaches?  Micro-Niche!  Select a specific group you want to specialize in and market to them.  The biggest fear in doing this is you will loose business, not true you will actually increase your business because you are seeking out a specific type of client.


Another key to a successful RoadMap is to do it in your own handwriting; yes that means pen/pencil and paper.  The reason for this is to take ownership in what you have written, to many times when we put it all on the computer it becomes very cold and impersonal.  I find that many will even deny some of their goals because it is not in their handwriting so you can’t prove it (yes this really happens).  Take ownership in your dreams and take control of your RoadMap and you will be amazed at what can happen to your business!