Creating Your 6-Figure Virtual Business


girl thinkingAre you ready to up your game in your virtual business?

Are you tired of working hour for hour?

Would you like to make 6-Figures or more?



It is Possible!

I recently spent (3) days in a Mastermind Academy with Daymond John (for those that are asking who is that, he is one of the amazing sharks on Shark Tank).

As I sat there in a room of about 35 other entrepreneurs I had a HUGE ah ha breakthrough!money tree-1

Well a couple of them:

  • Working with a hour by hour mindset will not generate wealth
  • I had to think bigger than my little home office
  • I had to redefine who my “Ideal” clients are
  • And I could turn Integrity Virtual Services into a $1.5 million dollar business in about 2.5 years


I walked out of that (3) day intensive Mastermind Academy with a new perspective.

I decided to share some of what I learned with another Virtual Support person and they wanted MORE!

The end result…

I put together a training that will walk you through:

  • Creating the Plan
  • Leverage
  • Building the Team

Packaged into a training call just for you!