Welcome to our very first Blog Hop for 2015! 

This month we want to help you start the year off with a fresh start featuring articles, how-to’s and resources that have helped each consultant, blogger and business owner on the hop in their own lives and businesses. Get ready to be inspired for a fabulous year ahead of you as you move along through the blog hop.

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Today I am sharing with you about creating an experience for your clients/customers, instead of seeing them with a $$ on their forehead.


happy-client_logo_jpg-300847The one thing I hear all the time here is the various experiences people have had at restaurants, hotels and amusement parks.  My friend Chris Bogan (chrisbogan.com) made a comment the other day about our clients having an experience with our businesses.  Typically we all talk about customer service when it comes to business and perhaps creating an experience can be more powerful than plain ordinary customer service.


What if we began hearing our clients/customers talk about the experience they had doing business with us, perhaps this could be your golden key as a start up business to attract the attention.  So how can you create an experience for your client?  What does it mean to experience a business?


If a client was to experience your business they will walk away with the feeling of importance, they felt taken care of, they were not just a number.  Imagine if you would walking into a day spa, the music is playing, candles lit, lighting just right and then a pleasant smile from your massage therapists.  That is an experience.  Now imagine walking into the same day spa with bright lights, the smell of moldy towels, hard rock music playing and the therapist says “have a seat I’ll get to you when I can”.  These are both experiences, so which one would you prefer?


Now how can you create an experience for your clients?  If your business is on-line the website should be attractive, professional and easy to navigate.  Don’t make it all about getting their information or treating them like they have a dollar sign on their forehead.  I suggest you apply E.I.I. to what you do; Educate, Inform and Invite.  Give them a reason to keep doing business with you, what sets you apart.


If your business is a brick and mortar then be sure when they walk into your front door they are greeted pleasantly and sincerely.  Create a pleasant experience with music, lighting, aromas and a clean shop that is well organized.


To close the experience be sure to thank your client by TY3sending a personal note.  I suggest a handwritten one you mail out, it sure is nice to get something other than a bill in the mail and the handwritten note today is a rarity, so time for you to shine and be remembered.  One thing I know the fast pace often leads to lack of follow through, no experience and no connection with people.  Be different, stand out from the crowd and create an experience they soon will not forget.


I hope this helps you double your revenue with many happy clients in 2015!


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