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Creating Balance in Business

As an entrepreneur we are constantly on the go from one thing to another. In many cases some of you are working 12-14 or even 16 hours a day (or more) and some of you are doing seven days a week.

We forget quickly that we started our businesses for the “freedom” we wanted so badly. Yet we created a crazy-spin-out-of-control behavior.



The truth about becoming a successful entrepreneur is about creating balance in what each day consists of, not about trying to do it all in one day.

So how do you go from “gotta do it all right now” to “creating a flow of balance”?

Here are a few simple steps to starting the balance (note I said simple not easy, as some of you will be resistant in the beginning):

Step #1

  1. Make a list of EVERYTHING you do each day
  2. Write down when you start your day and when you finish your day
  3. How many days a week do you work on or in your business




Step #2:

Now ask yourself is this what you imagined when you created your business? Be honest with yourself.

If yes: then keep rocking it out

If no: then here are continue on the following steps to creating that freedom and balance you truly desire



Step #3:

  1. Determine what hours you really want to work
  2. Determine what days
  3. Highlight the items on your list that generate revenue and keep doing them
  4. The items that are non-revenue generating need to be given to a support person, yes you MUST let go or stay in bondage to your business (and NO sending a newsletter, re-doing the website, playing on Social Media do not generate revenue)

Step #4:

Here are things that should be part of your daily routines:

  1. Exercise
  2. Plenty of water
  3. Eating healthy food choices throughout the day
  4. Meditation of some kind
  5. Connecting to people
  6. Smiling & laughing

15 - 2Each of these are things that help create a healthy balance to any day! The key is to start TODAY as TOMORROW never gets here!

Join us at where we work on creating that balance daily:
Healthy Mindset + Healthy Body + Healthy Spirit = A Healthy Business.

A couple other tools I use daily:

Essential Oils

Plexus Wellness Products

Track your water intake


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