Fall is coming upon us and it is a great time to launch a new membership program – or two – that can work seamlessly with my CRM (ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, InfusionSoft, Drip and OntraPort.)

Over the years I have had several clients struggle with the how to make a membership based program easy to create and at the same time inviting to their clients. Then the clients also want it easy for their members to navigate. Many options for tools that you can use to create a membership program are available, it honestly can be overwhelming for the entrepreneur to make a decision…so they give up and never launch their program.

All that does is leaves money on the table for someone else to come along and gather it up in their pockets!

What excuse have you used in not creating a membership or program?

  • I’m not a tech person
  • Where do I start
  • What tool should I use
  • I don’t know how to create the deliverable content
  • Integrating with my CRM has never worked very well for me, I don’t like using Zaps to connect (ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, InfusionSoft, Drip and OntraPort.)
  • Etc…

After over 18 years in the Virtual Support industry I have discovered several great tools for the entrepreneur to use, however in the past year I have found the best one to date for all of my clients!

A membership program that:

  • Allows you to have your own website (WordPress based) that you can brand to fit your business.
  • Create your own portal layout and colors
  • Easy to add content
  • Multiple programs can be created
  • Searchable user directory
  • Unlimited content
  • Visually appealing to your clients/customers
  • Integrates with all of the main CRM programs (WITHOUT the use of a Zap) Including: ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, InfusionSoft, Drip and OntraPort.
  • Create drip release content or full access content programs
  • Automate access/removal if payments decline or they cancel
  • Easily duplicate any program on your site
  • Add incentives to any program (Gamification)
  • Track progress of your clients in a program
  • Trigger action specific sequences
  • Coupon creation
  • Offer trial subscriptions
  • Create quizzes
  • Shortcodes easily added
  • Amazing support from their team
  • And so much more!

By creating a membership program you can:

  • Work less, while earning more money so you can spend time with your family
  • Become a highly-paid and sought-after leader in your industry
  • Help more people than you could doing 1-1 work

So what tool am I talking about that can do so much for you?

AccessAlly! I have to say this is the BEST tool available for you as an entrepreneur, teacher or thought leader that can help you begin to easily generate income in a virtual group setting with producing content and then putting it into a portal for others to access.

This can be creating a series of small programs that lead them to a larger program or even one-on-one work with you.

What are the challenges with AccessAlly?

The only drawback to using AccessAlly if you are not a tech type person, you may have to hire someone to help you build it out. However, once you are up and running you can easily maintain the program. If you are comfortable with editing your WordPress site, you will do fine maintaining your new membership site.

How much revenue have you been leaving on the table this past year?

Take a look at AccessAlly here, get a demo or just get your license now and start generating that revenue through that program you have been avoiding creating because you did not know how to make it happen.

I recommend AccessAlly Pro to my clients. And if you need help setting it up let me know, I can take that stress off your shoulders as well so you can go do what you are called to do…create content!

DISCLOSURE: I’m a referral partner for AccessAlly, which means that I may earn a commission if you sign up for AccessAlly through my referral link.

Although I may be compensated for this review, my opinions about AccessAlly are my own and I’m sharing both the good and the bad.

I want to share my experience with this membership plugin, in the hopes that you will find the best solution for your business.