Dream Team Program

Are you still doing it all alone? Stop it!



Please NOTE:  This is not business coaching.. but instead implementation coaching!  Many entrepreneurs can see clearly the ‘WHAT’ and the ‘WHY’  but get stuck on the HOW.. well it’s my business to know the HOW!

So if you are stuck on the HOW then give me a call.  Together we can layout a strategic action plan for “HOW” to accomplish your next revenue generator…

Let’s be honest.. if you could get back all the time you have spent trying to figure out how you were going to do something in your business you could have already created hundreds of products… the how is the time consuming part… it’s the learning curve, its the part that get business owners just like you, STUCK!

Let’s get UNSTUCK… with easy solutions… step by step implementation plans to help you take your business to the next level.




Here is the breakdown and what you can expect:

pushpin21 hour Strategy Call

On this initial meet and greet (howdy) we will discuss where you currently are in your set up process. It may be that the ‘cookie cutter’ package I have created isn’t what your more unique situation calls for. No worries. I have many tools in my belt and I am convinced we can get you to your desired outcome pretty quickly.

During this call, we will go over:

  • a clear assessment of what you currently have in placedream team
  • an outline of next steps in your process
  • a discussion of preferences ie: shopping carts, SOP systems
  • additional costs of the implementation (if determined needed)
  • following the call, a detailed timeline of the implementation process

This package includes:

pushpin2Assessment of current structure/tools

pushpin2Implement Virtual Office with Processes (SOP)

pushpin2Assist in hiring your Dream Team

pushpin2Interview 3 potential VA’s or service providers

pushpin2Train team on your SOP (not on using systems, but on your procedures)

You are just minutes away from creating
EASE ~ FLOW ~ FREEDOM in your business!


Before working with Robin, my business lacked infrastructure and direction. I was the overwhelmed entrepreneur who wore way too many hats- that cost me sales and clients . After hiring Robin and doing Dreams Team Coaching, I was given automated solutions to my operations, I hired a VA I absolutely adore, I connected to others in complimentary businesses, and I took on new projects that help me build my list and make more sales. I’m so grateful for Robin and her program. 

Sylvia Nasser ~ The Fit Fem


PatWow, I can not believe how far Robin has been pushing me to get on the right track.

In only a short time I have been following her guidance and am successfully getting my website in order, and turning everything around.

Through her guidance, I now have a Virtual Assistant, which is just wonderful. I have a web designer tweaking my website.  I must say, it is looking awesome. I have leads which may turn into potential customers and the list just keeps on going.

Having Robin guide me though each step has been amazing and her knowledge is priceless.  She reassures me when I have concerns and steps up to the plate every single time.  I feel like I can conquer anything with her by my side. Working a full-time job and trying to keep up with my own business was getting impossible, but Robin set me straight and now I know that nothing is impossible.  She basically oversees everything I do and is training me in the right direction.

I don’t know what I would do without Robin and now I call my new family the Dream Team!!!  

Pat Pilla ~ CheeBonnett