How-I-Schedule-My-Day...No matter how many hours we have in a day, we tend to long for more. Yes, we were able to check off some items on our To-Do List, but if we are honest with ourselves, there is still so much to be done. And quite honestly, you wonder how and when you will get to it.

Not only do I want to complete my tasks with excellence, but I want to make sure that I am living into my priorities, making and taking time for those things that matter most in my life: God and family.

So, how do I do it without losing my mind and sanity? Let me share some of my top tips to making my days successful:

  • I rely HEAVILY on my iBloom Planner: The truth of the matter is, without my planner, I would be LOST! The iBloom Planner is the first planner that I have used completely and that has really allowed me to keep my life organized and balanced. Believe me when I say, I’ve TRIED multiple planners and this is the one that works for me. I want to highly encourage you to get yourself a planner. Find one that works for you (If you haven’t tried the iBloom planner yet, be sure to check it out HERE)! You need one place to keep track of your appointments, business goals, business projects, health goals, family goals, etc. If you fail to plan, you will fail to see the success you were hoping for in each area of your life.
  • Plan your week ahead of time: This is key! One of the BIGGEST distractions that women face is last minute meetings, phone calls, emails, etc. One of the things I do every Sunday is plan for my upcoming week. My goal is to wake-up on Monday knowing what my week will look like and having a plan for each thing that is listed in my planner for that week. Now, don’t get my wrong, but I COMPLETELY understand that things just pop up, especially if you have a family. This happens. So, I ALWAYS make sure that I have included some “Wiggle Room” in my planner. Instead of planning to write my blog post the morning when it’s due, I write it a few days out, so that if something pops up unexpectedly, I can still accomplish the goal I set out to accomplish.

Find an hour on a certain day that you can plan for the following week. Sundays work for me, but for you, it might be a Friday or Saturday. 

  • Set a time for EVERYTHING: I have found that I am much more productive when I set a time for everything. Instead of having a To-Do list with a ton of things on it that need to get done, I actually assign times to those tasks in my planner. And when the time arrives, I close out the other task I was working on, and start working on my new task. I have found this method to help me in SO many ways! Not only am I getting more accomplished, but also I’m not wasting time on things that don’t matter. This method keeps me focused and moving!

One of the BIG things that I have learned as an Entrepreneur is that discipline is KEY! If you want to succeed, if you want to see changes, if you want to see yourself accomplishing all that you have set out to accomplish, you have to discipline yourself. And planning is a discipline that EVERY Entrepreneur needs to cultivate if they want to see their goals turn into successes!

Share with me below, how do YOU schedule your day?


This article was written by Jen Bennett

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