multi taskingWelcome to 2013 and the end of the first month already!

Many have already planned out the course of action to grow their business and some are still getting ready to get ready.  I spoke with a wonderful entrepreneur last week that is doing just that, getting ready to get ready.  That got me to thinking how many others are still stuck in that place?  How could we motivate and empower you to step it up and as Larry the Cable Guy says just “Get Err Done!”

There are four things that seem to trip entrepreneurs up on a regular basis, so I thought it would be a good time to share them with you and give you my perspective on them.  Are you ready to step it up in 2013?  I am!

1. Clear Plan.  Yup you need a clear plan of what you want.  This can also be called goals, objectives or outcomes.  I prefer to use clear plan it is far less intimidating and corporate like to me.  I know sometimes creating a plan can be intimidating however, do it in pencil sometimes that can take away the fear aspect because in pencil you can make changes.  A mind trick I learned long ago.

  • Plan your short-term (30-90 days) keeping in mind what you do today affects you 60 days from now.
  • Plan your mid-term (90 days to 1 year)
  • Plan your long-term (1-3 years)

Be sure to write them down in YOUR handwriting not on your PDA. iPad, computer etc.  Take a pencil and notebook and write them down.  There is something to be said for ownership of your plan when you see it in your handwriting.

2. Take Risks.  How can you possibly grow if you do not step out of your comfort zone?  If you do what you did yesterday today and it is still  not working time to make changes.

Do not become paralyzed by over analyzing tings.  Sometimes the best answer is to just step and see where it takes you.  Kinda like in the Indiana Jones movie The Last Crusade where he has to step in faith across an open pit area.  Indy steps in faith to have a footpath revealed and he can walk across safely.  What would have happened if he never chose to step and lived in the fear?

Step in faith and see what happens, you may be pleasantly surprised!

3. Build a Dream Team.  You cannot do it on your own.  That is worth repeating, YOU CANNOT DO IT ON YOUR OWN!  You have to get to a point of building a team to support you so that you can get out and bring in the business.  So many entrepreneurs try to get it all done by themselves which in turn leads to missed opportunities.

You need to identify what you do each day and then ask yourself; Is this a revenue generating activity?  It it is a no, then it probably should be delegated to a virtual assistant or bring on an OBM (On-line Business Manager).  Keep in mind re-doing your website AGAIN or working for hours on your newsletter are not revenue generating activities.

Now if you need help finding or building your Dream Team, then contact me for a conversation.  This is what I designed this community for to empower and provide resources for YOU.

4. Show Gratitude.  Be thankful for where you are at and what you have.  Be sure to thank your clients without them you have no business.  You can send nice cards or even a small gift.  Just be sure to say thank you to them and let them know they are appreciated.

Show gratitude to your team!  Do not forget with out your team you would not be where you are at, they help make your business happen and in some cases may even save your business.  Remember they are your first line to your clients in some cases, if a client is upset they can calm the waters and bring a smile to your clients face.

One of the biggest mistakes I am seeing today is the lack of appreciation for the team, know this if you do not show appreciation and gratitude to your team someone else will.

Be sure to share your thoughts below or even your challenges.