mirrorMost entrepreneurs are over working and doing way too many things at once. They find that they are doing a million things but are not getting any traction. Just do, do, doing and spin, spin spinning. Maybe you have felt that too. It leads to entrepreneurial overwhelm and frustration.

Here are 3 ways to help you stay focused and make decisions that support your goals:

#1: The first thing is to be clear about what you want to accomplish for the week. OMG one major goal for the week. Then create the tasks that you need and how you need to be, to get it done. I have a white board over my computer that reminds me of how I need to be and it reads …Being Profoundly Related and Taking the Next Right Action.

#2: The Second thing is to look at what produces the revenue? What are the miracle generating activities? The ones that immediately lead to clients and cash? Those are the ones to do first. Like making follow-up phone calls or going out networking or speaking. It can be hard to stay focused sometimes being so creative…so I get out the sticky-notes and jot down everything in my brain that I think needs to get done or that I want to create. All the things that I have to do for my business (that usually are not so fun)…And all the things I want to create or do for my business (usually the most sexy and fun for me)… Then I can quickly sort through them. And put them on to two lists. The “Now List” and the “Not Never, Just Not Now List”.

#3: And thirdly, simply ask this question “Does this activity move me closer to my goal or away from it? Does this activity really bring me closer to what I want and produce what I am looking to produce or am I using it as a weapon of mass distraction? Learning to focus and follow through is not as simple as it sounds. So many times I find myself just compelled to get out of my chair, out of my house… especially if I am feeling uncomfortable or resistant to doing what I know I should be doing to move my business forward. If you find yourself doing that too, use this little trick. Get a timer and set it for 30 mins. You can do anything for 30 mins. Right?

Now that you know these 3 easy ways to make decisions fast, your assignment is to apply them to your business and see how much more focused and better your results will be.

Keep in touch and let me know how using these easy decision making tips helped you and what were your results. I’d love to hear about your success!

ann bennettThank you to my friend Ann Bennett for writing this article.  Check her out at: http://AnnBennettMarketing.com