Becoming a Master Delegator

bigstock-Heavy-Workload-7686127One of the biggest pains for most entrepreneurs is trying to get it all done, on their own.

When you learn to delegate you can and will:

  • Increase your Revenue (most of the time doubling it or more)
  • Decrease your stress in your life & business
  • Allow you to enjoy your life and have more freedom than before

Now along with the positives to delegation, there are also fears around letting things go.


During this (5) week class we will:

  • During this (5) week class you will:
    • Move past what is holding you back from truly delegating
    • Get clear on the tasks in your business which are revenue generating and those which are not
    • Determine when to delegate and when to do it yourself
    • Define the roles of your support team
    • Learn how to best utilize the team members who will exemplify your expertise to get the tasks done
    • Learn where to find, how to hire and what to pay them
    • How to create a Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for your business
    • Learn what tools and systems are available that will best support your business

    It’s time to take that step and learn the how, what,
    when and why of delegation & team building.

    Fall back in Love with your business! Become a Master Delegator!


businessloveClass Starts: One-on-one


Fall back in Love with your business! Become a Master Delegator!




This class is done one-on-one as each persons needs are different.
Classes are 45 minutes in length.
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