Virtual Accountability Coaching

Cup of coffee on the foreground with elegant young woman using busy touch screen tablet at the coffee shop wooden table work break of business people flare sun lightThe wonderful part of owning your business you can create and offer services based on the needs of your clients.

Recently in a conversation with one of my clients they mentioned the need for an Accountability Coach for their clients. They explained it was not good for them to be the one they are accountable with and she did not really want to hire a coach that had a coaching business to handle this aspect for them.

From that conversation this service was birthed!

Virtual Accountability Coach for YOUR clients!

What is Virtual Accountability Coaching?

Bringing me on as a Virtual Accountability Coach I will:

  • Have 1-2 coaching calls with your clients
  • Each call is 10-15 minutes in length
  • Established questions asked and tracked
  • A Google Doc that will track their progress so you have more powerful & focused coaching calls

We have seen a 87% increase in goals reached for clients so far! Not bad!

Why is this so powerful?

  • Clients tend to be more open with a third party
  • They will feel more challenged with someone else holding them accountable
  • Frees you up to focus on their needs during your calls with them
  • Gives you a sneak peek where they are at before you get on your call with them

 Contact me today to see if your clients are a good fit for
a Virtual Accountability Coach!