social-2Social Media and your business…did you know they belong together?

Yes they really do!

I know what you are thinking, who has time for social media? We all need to make time for it in our business OR outsource it to your support team. Either way we all need to be implementing social media into our marketing plans, now!


It used to be potential clients/customers would find you via a Google search for your website (they still do look for a website, however they search social media more than websites.)

Reports show that the first place a potential client will search for you and your services is on Facebook. They are looking for your content to get to know you, to see what others are saying about you and are you all about selling.

How & What?confused-geek-woman-203x300

Okay you get the why now, the next question is how do I post…what do I post?

I have used a formula with all of my clients for years now (and on my own as well) that works very well. The key is to Engage – Inform – Educate and then make an offer. I follow the 70 – 20 – 10 rule.

  • 70% information, tips, quotes, images, jokes, etc.
  • 20% sharing posts from others (they have to know it is not all about you)
  • 10% selling your products, services

So basically if you post once a day then:

  • 3-4 posts will be on the 70% line
  • 1-2 posts on the 20% line
  • 1 (or less) on the selling or 10% line

Social media on SmartphoneIf you follow this simple formula you will see more results over time, keep in mind this is not an overnight magic trick. Your potential clients/customers have to see a pattern and consistency before they engage or buy. So don’t give up even when you think it is pointless, because you never know what may happen down the road!

Do you need support around your social media? Integrity Virtual Services can handle that for you! If you are not posting and engaging daily on your social platforms then it is time for you to throw up the white flag and let me help you make it happen!

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