Something to Think About…Always Seeking the Free?

When you are searching for support, a coach, etc in your business do you base your decisions on who comes in the cheapest? Okay, maybe cheapest is a harsh word to use…Are your decisions based on the best deal? OR are they based on the skills or results?

I hear so many times how entrepreneurs can get a website cheaper, pay less per hour for virtual support or that business coach will coach me for a few hundred dollars not thousands. This perspective borders on that of a poverty mindset. Yes, a harsh statement to make, yet true.

Money Mindset…

Many entrepreneurs have a fear of money, making it and spending it. That may come from something in your past or something you once heard growing up.

It is time to break those chains holding you back!




Karma an interesting word:

noun: karma
bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad
Basically meaning you goes around comes around. Have you found potential clients for yourself trying to negotiate your rates OR selecting another coach/provider because they are less expensive? Perhaps you find yourself struggling to make money at all.
You see what you put out there in business and in life will come back around. Think of Karma as a boomerang! What are you putting out there?
Ask yourself…
What do I want to see in my business?
What have I been giving out?
It is not about letting people take advantage of you, it is about being fair in business. You do have to invest in your business to make it prosper, if you keep looking for the free you will draw clients in that will either not pay you or just can’t afford you.
Time to get real with yourself and decide what you want to see happen in your business then take action.
I will tell you this a $10.00 an hour virtual assistant will not have the skill base a $45.00 an hour virtual assistant will have…determine what you need and then find the person!