Working with Tech Support Class

Working with Tech Support Class

BlackBusinessWomenOnline_finIs dealing with tech support one of your least favorite parts of being a VA?  Trying to navigate the world on the backside of your monitor can be confusing, complicated and seriously annoying, especially if you are working on a deadline.  There really can be nothing more frustrating than being locked in an email battle with tech support trying to get something fixed on your client’s website.    This can cost you valuable time to your day, especially if you can’t complete your task until tech support has taken care of what is broken.

Gail Winstanley has spent nearly 18 years working as a Network/Internet Engineer and will be sharing her insight into what really goes on once you’ve hit that send key on your tech support help email.  And provide valuable tips, tricks and information to help you get control of one of the least predictable part of any VA’s duties—Dealing with the tech support people responsible for all the software and internet services that your clients use to run their businesses.
•    Learn how to put together an email that will get your problem routed to the correct tech support level in the least amount of time.
•    Find out what pieces of information your client needs to give you so that you can get access to support areas.
•    Get an overview of hosting company control panels
•    Discover some of the areas you can monitor yourself to avoid having a tech support needed ‘moment’

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