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VA Training:

So perhaps you are new to the VA world or just started and have been wondering, NOW WHAT?  I have created a Five (5) week training program to get you started with the basic things you need to know.  In this program you will:fotolia_6113887_s

  • Learn the basics on the tools most entrepreneurs use
  • Hands on training so you can navigate through the programs
  • Q&A before and after training
  • Email access for questions before and after you finish the class

We move you quickly through the training so you can start making money ASAP, yet we do not leave you hanging with the now what.

Who makes a great VA? That is a question I get all the time, the answer is someone who is teachable and willing to take initiative to figure things out. The ideal VA also is one with a servants heart.

businessloveWhat is a servants heart? That is when you put the client needs as a priority, you desire to take care of them, and support them to the best of your ability. Many people today are in the mindset of WIIFM, as a service provider it needs to be WIIFT (What’s In It For Them). You are not a doormat, you are just attentive to their needs.

A great VA also takes the time to learn something new on an on-going basis. They also will do what it takes to figure something else out. That is what Google is for, LOL.

Being a VA is an amazing way to have a business that is profitable and low overhead, plus the freedom to have a life & family.

To see if you are a great fit for the training,
contact me and we can chat.




The 5 week course Robin offers is amazing. She takes the time to answer any questions and does more than she has to. She is so passionate about what she does and wants to share it with you.  Her business isn’t just called integrity because of a name she backs this up 100%. She truly cares about people and wants everyone to succeed. Her laugh is so contagious and personality brings so much to plate during this course it makes you realize being a VA can be fun and so rewarding. Robin has set a great foundation for me to go out there and as she would say SHINE!!! Thanks Robin.

Austin Novak
Virtually Austin




Bernice“What can I say about Robin Hardy? 

Robin is a wonderful teacher.  She loves to share her knowledge of the industry, what it takes to be a successful VA and how to operate your business with integrity. Robin has a wealth of information, which she draws upon to guide you in the right direction toward success.

Robin’s enthusiasm is contagious and, in turn, you want to succeed.  Robin is a rockstar!”

Bernice Wright




probin-new-headshot-2014A little about me: I have built my VA practice to be referral only, and did that within 6 months of opening the practice.  I run my business with all my heart (on most days) and in complete integrity.  I decided to create this community as a twofold opportunity.

I have so many referrals coming in from entrepreneurs that value & are willing to pay for our services I cannot personally take all of them, I am at full capacity.  They come from multi-six-figure business coaches referring their clients to me.  I wanted to create a resource for them to find the “right VA for them”.  To many VA’s out there are playing business and these folks want someone who is ready to make it happen.

I have had many folks ask me how do I do what you do and how do I become referral based.  So by creating a community that trains and empowers YOU to success, you get to learn what I did and still do today to maintain a consistent income.




GailRobin and Integrity VA Services are without a doubt a real class act.  The training Robin provides is exceptionally clear and well thought out.  She is an excellent and patient teacher who makes sure that her course material is easy to follow and right in line with the most current technology those of us in the VA arena use on a daily basis.   In addition to her outstanding training courses, Robin has created a great community where we can all support each other and share new ideas about our various practices.

My own experience with Robin has been wonderful.  She is always available to turn to with questions and with support.   I can definitely say that it has been a great help to me and to getting my own practice defined with clear cut goals.

Anybody currently considering becoming a VA should not pass up the opportunity to train with one of the best.   Robin can give you the best foundation available out there for becoming a VA.

Gail Winstanley