Welcome to Integrity VA Services

Imagine focusing on what you LOVE to do, and everything else is done for you…

imagineIntegrity Virtual Services comes alongside you, the entrepreneur, as your partner. My objective is to release you from those frustrating tasks in your business that are not revenue generating. The end result is to open up your calendar and allow you to focus on new sales and your clients.

So what kind of things can we help you with: Business building, marketing, newsletters, emails, customer service, graphics, tele-summit support, product creation, graphics, web design and so much more!

I also do Launch and Live Event Strategy & Support. It takes a plan to make these successful and a lot of work.

My track record, that is important for you to know, I have been in business for over 10 years serving entrepreneurs in a large variety of ways. I have supported clients to their next level in their business, for example, taking a client from $150 k to $1.5m in three years (yes for real!)

My ultimate goal is to get to know you and know your business so well I can look for the next for you, plus even speak to your clients just like you would to share your programs. Whether you need support of one person or an entire team, Integrity Virtual Services is the place to come. My team has been hand picked to offer some of the most stellar support known in the industry.



kateb“Recently, I had the privilege of having Robin Hardy join my team as I was planning my first 3 day event.  I knew I wanted someone who had the experience and know-how to help me make my event a success.  Robin has a wealth of experience from both past clients and being highly involved in the entrepreneurial community.  Before, during and after my event I entrusted Robin with some very critical and confidential tasks.  There was never a question that she would handle these tasks as an expert.  I was thrilled with the end result of my event and am so happy that Robin is now part of my team. “

Kate Beeders
Mindset, Money & Marketing Expert

Saving you TIME, Building TRUST

What if it was real, all you had to do was state what you need and it happened! That is what Integrity Virtual Services are all about, getting it done for you so you can focus on your gifting/calling/talents and increase your income.


Why the dragonfly?


What does Integrity Virtual Services offer?


Packages to support your business where you are at:

  • Start-up Package
  • Growth Package
  • Launch Package
  • Rock Star Package
  • Social Media Package

  • Launch Strategy

  • Live Event Support/Strategy

Why Integrity Virtual Services for the Entrepreneur?

Just as the name states our first objective is to maintain integrity in everything we do from services to billing.  We offer solid, stellar support for all areas of your business.  I bring to your table over 10 years of experience and business knowledge.

We are here to serve you:

Whether overall support or very specialized support we are your go to source. In a recent Kolbe A test it was found that I am right in place place that works to serve entrepreneurs. I have structure, vision and according to the coach my unique brilliance is: I can get it done even at the last minute calmly and orderly. (at a price, she said).

We do not outsource your business!

All services are provided by myself or my direct team, my team is US based and seasoned in their skill sets.



SabrinaI came to Robin Hardy and Integrity Virtual Services needing support for an upcoming live event. In our initial consultation, I experienced her as a wellspring of wisdom and knowledge, which was confirmed by her proven track record with former and current clients. In just moments, she provided me with a clear cut strategy with actionable steps to make my upcoming event a grand success. Thank you Robin for adding value to my life and business. 

Sabrina L. Memminger



How Can We Help You Build Your Dream Team?

High 5 women

Need to link all the pieces together? I can help..

Please NOTE: This is not business coaching.. but instead implementation coaching! Many entrepreneurs can see clearly the ‘WHAT’ and the ‘WHY’ but get stuck on the HOW.. well it’s my business to know the HOW!

So if you are stuck on the HOW then give me a call. Together we can layout a strategic action plan for “HOW” to accomplish your next revenue generator…

Let’s be honest.. if you could get back all the time you have spent trying to figure out how you were going to do something in your business you could have already created hundreds of products… the how is the time consuming part… it’s the learning curve, its the part that get business owners just like you, STUCK!dream team

Let’s get UNSTUCK… with easy solutions… step by step implementation plans to help you take your business to the next level.

Check out “Dream Team” Coaching NOW!