women-1One of the most common questions I have been getting recently, when do you hire or start building your Dream Team?

Fantastic question!  Many of you are at a point in your business where you are experiencing some pretty rapid growth and you find you are working later and later every day.  Perhaps your business feels like it is stunted in its growth and you are struggling to keep your head above water.  Then another sign may be you are unhappy where you are at with the business and want to grow it more.  All are great signs it is time to start building that Dream Team.

I Can’t Afford a Team

You can’t afford not to build one!  Many entrepreneurs get stuck in a rut (and we all know what a rut is) of doing everything from autoresponders to website changes, plus everything in between.  The thing here is most of those tasks are not generating any revenue for you, they are what I call time stealers.  They take hours from your day leaving you with the felling that you have not accomplished anything.

Bringing on a team member can vary in pricing depending on what skills they bring to the table.  Most Virtual Assistants today charge between $20.00 and $45.00 per hour, tech folks tend to run $50.00 to $150.00 an hour and OBM’s are in the range of $50.00 to $80.00 an hour.  Each person typically sets their own rates and most offer some kind of a discount for packages or pre-paid.

Don’t base your decision on the cheapest one, base the decision on two things:
1. Skill set, what do they know how to do
2. Personality, this is usually the reason an assistant does not work out, your personalities clash

I Don’t Know What To Have Them Do

Here is what I start with every entrepreneur that goes through my Build A Dream Team Coaching Program, make a list of everything you do for a minimum of four days.  List it all from phones, to email to your newsletter.

Step two, look at the list, how many of those items are generating revenue for you?  What I have found over the years is 80% of that list can be tasked out to a team so you can go focus on bringing in the next client, end result more revenue!

How Many Hours Do I Need Someone

The number of hours depends on what has to be done.  You can start small with 1-2 hours a week and see if you need more.  What I do know is things that took you 6-7 hours to do a trained team member can probably do in 2-4 hours.  I have met so many entrepreneurs for example that take about 4-6 hours to do their newsletter.  Your team member can do it in 30 minutes to one hour (in most cases).

What you will find is once you start delegating tasks to the team it becomes easier to take more off your plate and give it to them to do, which frees you up to go and network to find the next client.

How Fast Can I Expect To See Results

First when working with a virtual team you need to allow 2-4 weeks to adjust to each other.  They need time to feel out how you flow and you need time to figure out how to best communicate with them.  The key to your success is communication.

Communication is the second reason most virtual relationships fail, we have to understand we are all human and we make mistakes.  The way to succeed here is to recognize the issue and then work for a resolve.  Let’s just say beating a dead horse never did anyone any good.  Think about it, how many mistakes did you make and hoped folks would just be a little more understanding?

Building a Dream Team can be an amazing experience and do incredible things for the growth of your business.  If we look at the three things that 6-figure and above entrepreneurs do you will see how they made it there:
1. Endurance, they do not quit, they may reinvent
2. Gratitude, they show appreciation for their clients, team and all around them
3. Dream Team, they built an amazing Dream Team to support them

If you are ready to explore building or training your Dream Team reach out and set up a 30 minute conversation with me.  Let’s build your Dream Team!

Leave me a comment below on how a Dream Team can help you grow.