2013-rollingOne of the questions I was asked yesterday was, “Why is it so challenging to delegate?”

The main reason most entrepreneurs have issues delegating is we are so used to doing it all our self and we “think” no one can do it better.  While you may be right that no one can do it like you can, you have to determine what your goals are for growth in your business.  If you are constantly changing the website, writing and re-writing the newsletter, then taking 2 hours to load it, you may be missing out on new revenue for your business.

There are four key steps in becoming a “Master Delegator” and increasing your revenue because of this new found skill.  For some this will be a challenge so approach it like you eat an elephant, one bite at a time.  For others this will be the big ah ha for you for 2013.  Either way take a look and see what you can change in the way you delegate in your business.

1. Make a List.  Step one is to make a list of everything you do each day, the big things and even the little things.  Many times the issue around delegating is we do not know what it is we do each day.  I suggest you track it for a full week as each day may be different for you.

2. Learn to Release non-revenue generating activities.  Oh yes I did, you need to decide what you can release to a team member.  If your tasks you listed are not revenue generating activities you can probably hand off the work so you can focus on the money.  Tasks like newsletter, loading e-blasts, research, customer service, website changes, graphics, shopping cart issues and more.  You will find once you have released these to a team member you will have more time to make money, focus on what you love and grow your business.

3. Find your “Dream Team”.  You need to find and build the right team members to support your business and vision.  Not everyone is a fit for everyone.  Keep in mind 50% is skill and 50% is personality when you look for a team member.  Because most will be virtual it is important to have good communication and enjoy working together.

That is why we have so many different people listing in each area, you may not get along with everyone.  Be sure you ask open ended questions of them not yes/no responses.  For example; avoid asking “Can you use InfusionSoft?” and instead ask, “How long have you used InfusionSoft?”  Maybe ask What are your strengths?  Make it conversational.

4. Trust, Trust and Trust some more.  You have to trust your team and be willing to let them do what they do best.  No hovering, no micro-managing.  You need to decide if the trust issue is just you allowing fear to stop a good thing or did you jump into hiring a team member without really having a conversation with them.

It is okay to take it slow when delegating, however once you can get to the place of releasing the hold you will be amazed at how much time will open up to generate more revenue.  Plus you will really have the stress released you have been holding onto recently.

Let’s make 2013 an amazing year of leaps and bounds in your business.  How can we help you go to the next level?  Set up a conversation with me as to how you can begin this amazing journey of building your “Dream Team”.