Why The Dragonfly

dragonfly-01I changed the logo to reflect the dragonfly. I have collected them for a long time and recently watched a National Geographic special on the Dragonfly and I knew in a heartbeat it was the right image for Integrity Virtual Services and myself.

  • The Dragonfly is the most adaptable creature out there. (perseverance)
  • It’s eyes allow it to see 360 degrees (clarity)
  • Two sets of wings allow it to fly longer & further (endurance ~ speed)
  • It’s body is like armor (tough)
  • It is constantly open to new territories (embraces change)
  • They defend their domain and are fiercely protective (my care for my clients)
  • They are very social (I love people)

So you can see why I love the beautiful Dragonfly and find it to be a perfect representation of what I offer to my clients!